The Astrological Houses


The Houses in Vedic astrology are called Bhavas, which translates to “fields of action.” There are 12 houses, just like in Western tropical astrology, and each house corresponds to various areas of our lives. These houses reflect our inner and outer worlds, and they are perhaps the most important facets to look at in a Vedic astrological birth chart. They set the stage where our life events occur, and where the planetary energies express themselves. When analyzing a birth chart, having a comprehensive understanding of what each astrological house means will provide you with more accurate and detailed observation.

The charts above are the two different styles of birth charts used in Vedic astrology. The one on the left is the North Indian style chart and the one on the right is the South Indian style chart. In the North Indian style chart, the Houses are fixed and the Signs move counter-clockwise. In the South Indian style chart, the Signs are fixed and the Houses move clockwise. I mainly use the South Indian style chart because it’s the one my teacher used and how I was taught. In addition, it’s the chart I use when conducting natal chart readings.





The 1st House

Thanu Bhava

This is where the ascendant, or Lagna is placed. It is the most important factor in a birth chart and it represents YOU. It’s your birth and how you enter into the world. It indicates your appearance, personality, constitution, and how you view and approach life. The First house represents your persona, your ego, and the “mask” you show to the outside world.

The 2nd House

Dhana Bhava

This is a house of wealth, and it represents your material possessions and attitude towards money. It’s how you earn a living, save your money, and indicates what you choose to spend your money on. The Second house also represents your voice, your eating and drinking habits, as well as your early childhood.

The 3rd House

Sahaja Bhava

This house represents your courage and life force. It shows success through your own efforts. It also indicates short distance travel, early education, writing, art, music, theater, and all forms of communication, including social media. Your siblings are analyzed through the Third house, especially younger siblings.

The 4th House

Sukha Bhava

Known as “the house of the mother” in Vedic astrology, the Fourth house represents your safety, security, and non-movable property – like your home. It indicates your personal life and where you go to retreat from the world. This house is also associated with your ancestral origins and your deep subconscious mind.

The 5th House

Putra Bhava

This house is associated with children, creativity, and romance. Known as “the house of fun”, the Fifth house represents your hobbies, recreation, gambling, and speculation. It also indicates Poorvapunya – good past life credit due to you in this lifetime. This is a Dharma House, and a very spiritual one as well.

The 6th House

Satru Bhava

This is a house of service and your day-to-day work life. It’s associated with your health, fitness, daily routine, and habits. Furthermore, it represents obstacles, debt, disease, and enemies. The Sixth house also indicates Prarabdha karma – the culmination of past life karmas ready to be experienced in your present life.

The 7th House

Jaya Bhava

Also known as “the marriage house”, the Seventh house deals with agreements, whether they’re verbal or contractual. It represents marriage partners, long-term relationships, and business partners. This is a house of “others”, and how others see you as well. It can indicate your sexual passions and desires, and how you approach relationships.

The 8th House

Mrityu Bhava

This is one of the most feared houses in Vedic astrology. Yet, it shows life-altering transformations you may experience in this life. The Eighth house indicates other people’s money, like inheritances and monetary gains from your marriage partner. It also deals with taboo topics that people are reluctant to talk about – sex, death, and taxes. However, there’s so much more depth to this house. It indicates spirituality, occult knowledge, mysticism, and astrology. The dark side of the 8th house deals with secrets, scandals, domination, manipulation, power struggles, and the Mafia.

The 9th House

Bhagya or Dharma Bhava

This is a very auspicious and spiritual house. It’s the highest of the Dharma houses and indicates your religious beliefs, spiritual teachers, and higher learning. The Ninth house is also a house of luck and fortune, long-distance travel, writing, publications, and the Law. Your morals, values, and good karma can be analyzed through this house.

The 10th House

Karma Bhava

This is a house that governs your career and public image. It indicates your professional life, social status, ambitions, achievements, and what you aspire to become. Just like the Fourth house represents your personal life, the Tenth house represents your public life. It’s the highest point in your birth chart where the Sun casts no shadows. And, it can also indicate fame, prestige, and your life path.

The 11th House

Labha Bhava

In Vedic astrology, this house is known as “the house of great gains and profits.” It represents monetary gains from your career and side ventures, as well as money that comes to you in large sums. The Eleventh house also indicates your network of friends, groups, organizations, hopes, wishes, and desires.

The 12th House

Vyaya Bhava

Known as the house of secrets, solitude, spiritual liberation, and bed pleasures, this house shows what goes on behind-the-scenes, and how you escape reality. Whether it’s through sleep, sex, transcendental meditation, video games, watching a movie, or through your dreams, the Twelfth house reflects the ethereal world that’s without physical form. It also governs loss, expenditures, suffering, sacrifice, and your soul’s final liberation from the process of death and rebirth.

This was only a brief overview of the 12 houses.
There’s so much more beauty, depth, and esoteric meanings to these astrological houses.

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