Master Numbers 11, 22 & 33

Numerology is the study of numbers and the energetic frequencies that each number holds. Numbers correlate to different aspects of our lives, such as our personality, our talents, and our life’s purpose. Today, numerology isn’t as accepted as it once was within society. The Greek Philosopher Pythagoras first discovered the relationship between numbers and their correspondence within our lives. Throughout history, there have been various forms of numerology, and this is because of the different alphabets used in different cultures and languages. The most common form of numerology is based on the Pythagorean numerology system. In the Pythagorean system, each letter of the alphabet correlates to a specific number. This is how you can find the numerology of a word.

A = 1, B = 2, C =3, 4 = 5 and so on. For any letter containing a double-digit, such as J, which is the 10th letter of the alphabet, you would add the two digits together to get the numerological value. If J = 10, it’s simplified to 1. If K = 11, it’s simplified to 2.

Within numerology, there are the master numbers. These master numbers are 11, 22, and 33. The master numbers are powerful because they contain double digits. They hold the power of the single digits within them, only magnified. For instance, 11 can be simplified to 2 by adding 1+1 together. The master number eleven contains its own unique energy and the power of 2. The master numbers are used for Life Path Numbers, which can explain your life’s purpose and the different challenges you may face. Master numbers are usually more difficult life paths because anyone who has a master number will also have benefits in their life.

Master Number 11

11 is simplified to 2
2 = Intuitive, Sensitive, Diplomatic

Master number 11 magnifies someone’s intuitive abilities. These people are known to have psychic abilities, even if they are unaware of them. From an early age, they’ve known their purpose in life is to follow a spiritual path—whatever that means for them. People with life path 11 will be drawn to the unknown, the occult, spirituality, crystals, and anything that goes beyond the norms of society. It’s important for these people to always follow their gut instincts because this feeling is their one true gift. If they honor this trait, they will be masters in making the most beneficial and transformative choices for themselves during their life. But, if they deny this aspect of themselves, they will cause resistance with the very essence of who they are. This may manifest in being suspicious and very untrusting of others, and this may also cause them to have a scattered energy body. To live a balanced and aligned life, these people must connect with their spiritual side and embrace their intuitive abilities. When they can follow their inner guidance, it will lead them to great heights and allow them to experience their highest potential.

Master Number 22

22 is simplified to 4
4 = Hard-working, Determined, Patient

Master number 22 governs accomplishments and forward movement. Someone with a life path 22 will have a strong sense of what they want to accomplish during their lives. They have grandiose goals that may seem out of reach to others, but they understand that if they set their mind to something—they have the energy and willpower to achieve it. No mountain is too high to climb for these individuals. There may be an issue with pushing themselves too hard to complete a goal or overcoming a challenge, as some things take time and can’t be forced. This may cause issues within themselves as they may doubt their abilities if they fail or if their accomplishments don’t pan out the way that they had hoped. In reality, the number 22 holds the powerful energy of making dreams come true. This is why people with a life path 22 will have an elevated sense of what they want out of life because, at their deepest core, they are meant to experience the world at its fullest. Only when they allow divine timing to bring their desires into their lives and put the necessary energy into their goals will they experience their dream life manifest within their lives.

Master Number 33

33 is simplified to 6.
6 – Caring, Nurturing, Artistic

Master number 33 is considered the culmination of the master numbers 11 and 22. 33 is a powerfully spiritual number where spiritual mastery can be achieved. People with life path 33’s are very rare because the abilities and talents that they are born into cannot be mastered by just anyone. These people have often lived many lives and may be considered old souls. Because of this, they have lived many lives and have energetically gained a mass of spiritual maturity. In this life, they will be gifted some of the strongest abilities, but they may be to their detriment until they have mastered them. The key to living successfully as a 33 is to use your power and ability to help the lives of others. They may be prone to being judgmental towards others who don’t seem to have the same understanding and awareness as them. But, this is part of their journey and indicates the growth that needs to be achieved. They are very creative people and extremely unique—truly one of a kind. 33’s have a strong connection to the spiritual realm and understand the connection that exists within the collective consciousness. As they progress throughout their lives, they will understand the true connection within everyone, giving them the empathy and compassion needed to dedicate their lives to bettering humanity.

“Look to the Stars, and let them guide you through the mysteries of life & unveil the tapestry of your Destiny”

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