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Relationship Synastry Specialist

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My mission is to provide you with a variety of personalized Natal Chart Readings that will empower you to live your life with greater clarity, purpose, and intention.

If you seek guidance in your personal or professional life, a natal chart consultation or synastry reading can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others, and make choices that align with your soul’s purpose. As your trusted astrologer, I’m here to guide you in rediscovering your authentic self and empower you to embrace your true greatness. I believe that everyone has the potential to live a life of happiness, success, and fulfillment.

If you are new to Vedic Astrology or Numerology, I warmly invite you to explore my divine website and learn more about these powerful tools for self-discovery.

Personalized Natal Chart Consultations & More

Natal Chart Readings

Natal Chart Readings

A Natal Chart Reading can be a transformative experience. It enables you to better understand yourself and make informed decisions on your life’s journey. Natal Chart Readings are not fortune-telling but rather a tool for self-awareness and personal growth, providing you with keys to unlock your potential, and navigate challenges with grace and ease. [read more]

Relationship Synastry Compatibility Services

Relationship Synastry & Compatibility

Are you seeking a deeper, more harmonious connection with your partner?
What if you could strengthen your bond and unlock the secrets of a lasting and fulfilling relationship?
With the help of a Relationship Synastry and Compatibility Reading, we will highlight the intricate dynamics between you and your partner, revealing the strengths and weaknesses of your bond.  [read more]

Vedic Birth Chart Calculator

Vedic Birth Chart Calculator

Every person enters the world with a distinctive celestial pattern overhead, where planets and stars are fixed at special points in the sky. These planetary positions are thought to shape our character, our actions, and journeys through life, offering a nuanced portrait of our innate qualities and predispositions. [read more]

“Look to the Stars, and let them guide you through the mysteries of life & unveil the tapestry of your Destiny”

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Meet Wednesday Alexandra

Hello, and welcome to the world of Divine Astrology. My name is Wednesday Alexandra; I’m a certified Vedic “Sidereal” astrologer and Dilanu Relationship Professional. Through my knowledge of ancient, Vedic astrological techniques and my keen intuition, I am able to help people experience new insight into their lives. With this clear guidance, you can also make informed decisions for the future. There’s nothing more moving than reclaiming control of your life and destiny. And through the wisdom of Vedic astrology, I will show you the necessary steps to do just that.

If you are looking for a better understanding of your purpose in life, I would be honored to be your personal astrologer. I offer a variety of confidential Natal Chart Consultations, as well as, Relationship Synastry and Compatibility Readings.

Are you ready to unlock the doors to your boundless potential? Contact me today to schedule a reading and let’s discover what your future holds!

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